Botox is a medical protein derived from the bacterium “Clostridium botulinum”. This protein has actually been used for years to treat eye and neurological diseases. In order to remove wrinkles, it has been used safely and successfully in the field of cosmetics for nearly 10 years.

Botox is accepted as a non-surgical cosmetic product for removing moderate and deep wrinkles.

If you are considering botox treatment, you can first consult our doctors and share your thoughts. Our doctor will share with you the results you will get with this treatment and steps will be taken to start the treatment. The treatment of each patient is planned according to the patient’s personal muscle structure and skin characteristics.

Generally, a local anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure and the patient is provided with a comfortable experience.

Considering the patient’s personal muscle structure, small doses of injections are applied to the determined wrinkle points with very fine-tipped needles.

Treatments are usually completed in as little as 10-15 minutes and may cause slight discomfort during administration.

The drug is effective only in the injected area and therefore does not affect the general circulation.

The effects begin to appear within two weeks of application.

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